Tom Goedde (SimWin Sports and Architect of major brands, such as EA Madden and Draftkings)

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In this 15th episode, Tom Goedde rides shotgun in the DeLorean, to take us back in time and learn about his Fantasy Football Origin Story. We talk about many topics, including:

  • Tom’s first recollections of fantasy football 
  • Some stories of his early days at EA Sports, working on Madden 
  • Working at DraftKings 
  • The story behind SimWin Sports
  • What a player can expect from checking into SimWin Sports
  • A few tips on SimWin Sports
  • Much more


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***This is pulled straight from Tom’s LinkedIn profile.****

Architect of legendary brands, EA SPORTS, DraftKings, and Humongous Entertainment. Investor, advisor, mentor, driving the convergence of sports, real money gaming, and video gaming.

Sports and gaming executive specializing in product and brand marketing, with deep supporting experience in business development and licensing.

Coworkers describe me as a team-first manager who consistently over-delivers by amplifying the strengths of individuals and coaching through challenging transitions. My teams have won dozens of marketing awards including PromaxBDA Sports Marketing Awards and Clios. I’ve built a reputation as an exemplary partner to development teams, and a leader who highly values data, but appropriately draws from a strong understanding of fundamentals from console, mobile, tabletop, Web3, and real money gaming.

Retired from traditional corporate roles, I now advise a wide variety of companies that pique my interests and passion for sports, video gaming, real money gaming, and support for the military.

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