Dr. Kevin Murray (Fantasy Football Unlimited and ESPN Commissioner of the Year)

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In this 5th episode, Dr. Kevin Murray rides shotgun in the DeLorean, to take us back in time and learn about his Fantasy Football Origin Story. We talk about many topics, including:

  • Kevin’s first recollection of fantasy football
  • The origin story that resulted in his website, Fantasy Football Unlimited
  • Some of Kevin’s most memorable moments in fantasy football
  • His “fantasy superpower”
  • How he was named “Fantasy Football Commissioner of the Year
  • What the experience of the Fantasy Football Expo is all about
  • Much more

If you’re a fan of fantasy football from a fan’s point of view, this episode will give you nostalgia, and perhaps dreams of becoming the best commissioner you can be.  

If you’ve never heard of Fantasy Football Unlimited, then you need to head to the site right now. This is a treasure trove of information. Either way, fantasy football fan or not, this is a fun interview. So sit back, relax, and crank that baby up to 88mph!!!


***This bio was pulled from the Fantasy Football Unlimited website***

Fantasy Football Unlimited (FFU) is dedicated to celebrating the fantasy football experience on every level. The website was created to serve as a portal into the fantasy football industry by sharing resources in every imaginable category with fantasy football enthusiasts all around the world.

Countless brands, companies, and resources consistently deliver high-quality fantasy football content that consumers might not be aware of. FFU looks to promote these resources in a variety of ways so that fantasy enthusiasts get the most out of the fantasy football experience.

@DrKJMurray at ESPN STUDIOS in Bristol, CT

FFU is brought to you by Dr. Kevin J. Murray. He has been playing fantasy football since 1995 and has enjoyed the role of league commissioner in countless leagues since 1999. In 2016, he was recognized for his dedication to his fantasy football league and was named Fantasy Football Commissioner of the Year by ESPN & Pizza Hut in the “Commissioner of the Week” contest. 

With Fantasy Football Unlimited, Kevin and his team are dedicated to providing consumers of fantasy football content with resources that will enhance their experience with the game and guide them toward an even greater appreciation and passion for fantasy football. His enthusiasm to share industry resources, recommendations, and insight for the game of fantasy football is undeniable and this is especially true when it comes to fantasy commissioner content and advice.

Explore www.FantasyFootballUnlimited.com, subscribe to the podcast, and be sure to follow us on all social media platforms. We look forward to sharing with you the very best that the fantasy football experience has to offer!

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